In-Studio Pottery and Canvas Painting

Visit our studio and paint with us! Come by yourself or bring family and friends, or bring the whole soccer team or girl scout troop! Everyone is sure to enjoy our in-studio pottery painting. If you’re looking for an outing that is fun and unique, this is it.

In-Studio Pottery Painting

Come to our studio for in-studio pottery painting. Each guest pays a small studio fee and picks out the ceramic piece, or pieces, they would like to decorate. Choose from a wire array of pottery items, many of which are poured locally or poured in-studio. If you have something specific you would like to paint, let one of us know and we may be able to get a special ceramic just for you!

Once you’ve found the perfect item, choose from a vast selection of underglazes, often referred to as paints. Our in-studio pottery painting studio boasts a variety of high-quality glazes from solid colors to special effects glazes. Our skilled in-studio pottery painting staff members can help you elevate your art with special techniques and creative new ways to decorate your pottery. The possibilities are endless – make it your own!

After you’ve painted your pottery in our studio, you’ll turn it over to our care for a few days. We use our in-studio kilns to transform your item into a beautifully glazed piece of art. Our expert staff members take your piece through the final steps into making your pottery shiny, bright, and smooth. After about one week, your items will be ready to display! We will give you a call and you, at your convenience, will come pick up your finished product to love and show-off.

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In-Studio Canvas Painting


Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or are a seasoned artist, our in-studio canvas painting option is for you. No, really, canvas painting is fun for everyone, and anyone can do it. With the help of one of our talented artists, use acrylic paint to create a masterpiece. We have examples of paintings previous guests have chosen hanging throughout our studio, and we can always create something just for you. Let us know before you come in what you’d like to paint, and we will find an existing painting in our library or create a new design.

Depending on your level of comfort, your instructing artist will either set you loose with supplies and the example painting to look at, or will stick by your side and show you tips and tricks for every step of the process or will even provide an outline on your canvas. Get as creative as you’d like or stick to the example.

For more information about our canvas painting selection or how our in-studio canvas painting works, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 314-892-8382 today!