Pottery Painting Studio FAQs

Review our list of common customer questions before booking your next St. Louis pottery painting party at Glazed and Confused.

Q: When will my pottery be ready?
A: You can expect your masterpiece to be ready approximately one week after you paint it.

Q: Why does it take this much time to collect my new artwork?
A:  Each piece is glazed by hand and set to dry before entering one of our kilns. On average, it is a 24-hour process to warm up the kiln, heat and seal artwork and then cool the kiln down to retrieve the pottery. We appreciate your patience as we take the best care of your pottery with the perfect finishing touches.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Reservations are required for groups of ten or more, special events, classes and camps. Check out our Glazed and Confused calendar for availability and upcoming events to book your spot today!

Q: Can I bring food and drink?
A: Per the stay-at-home ordinance guidelines, that you refrain from bringing in outside containers in the studio—including food and beverages.

Q: Are pieces safe for the dishwasher or microwave?
A: Yes! We recommend only using the top shelf dishrack of the dishwasher. We also use non-toxic glaze so you’re able to eat and drink from your new creation.

Q: If I need help with my painting project or make a mistake, will a staff member be willing to help?
A: If you have any issues or are looking for suggestions, our knowledgeable staff can help guide your pottery project to greatness. All you need to do is ask!

Q: Can I drop my child off to paint alone?
A: While children of all ages can enjoy pottery painting, we ask that children under 13 years old be chaperoned by an adult to ensure safety.

Q: What is the cost to paint at Glazed and Confused?
A: The price of pottery is based on the size and type of painting project you pick. Traced or original design work is based on the size and complexity of the request ranging from $25-$75. Hand signature artwork, a favorite for weddings and family gatherings, is $10- $100 based on the number of signatures.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash and all major credit cards are accepted at Glazed and Confused.

Q: Does the paint stain clothing?
A: All our paints easily wash off clothing. We also provide art smocks if you prefer an extra cautionary layer.

Call us today at 314-892-8382 or email [email protected] to plan your next painting party.

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