Our Pottery Painting Process

St. Louis Paint Your Own Pottery Studio
— No Appointments Necessary —

Welcome to Glazed and Confused — the best pottery painting experience in St. Louis! Individuals and groups of every age come to our cozy, creative shop to paint with us Tuesday through Sunday.

We charge a $6.00 studio fee per painter which covers your studio time, the paint you use, the help we give you and the glazing and firing of your pottery. The great thing about our studio is that you are not charged by the hour. That one time studio fee will be all you pay, beyond your pottery, for the time taken to paint your piece. Food and drink are permitted and even encouraged in the studio.
We also allow alcoholic beverages for those 21+. We are BYOB during our normal business hours.

Looking for more information? Review our Pottery Painting Studio FAQs or call  314.892.8382.

Learn more about our process below.

Paint Your Own Pottery St. Louis

Pick out your Pottery!

Glazed and Confused features a wide selection that changes frequently. We have pieces that are both decorative and functional. We also love to include seasonal items on our shelves. There is something for everyone!
Prices for pottery range from $10-$100.

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Choose Your Paints!

Our in-house artists will walk you through the painting process, including where to find your paints, and how to apply them. We have a large selection of paints, including solid colors, speckled paints, crystal glazes, textured snow paint, and glitters! Our staff is always happy to help you with your masterpiece. We love to teach you new techniques and applications to help your piece stand out.

Pottery Painting Class St. Louis

Paint it and Leave it With Us

Enjoy painting your pottery, and when you are done, you leave it with our staff. We do the rest! Once your piece is dry, we are able to dip it into our clear glaze and get it ready for the kiln. Once your pottery is ready, we put it in one of our kilns, where it fires for the next 18 hours. The kiln reaches a peak temperature of over 1,830 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it fully cools down, our staff is able to remove your pottery from the kiln and get it ready to be picked up. This whole process takes about a week. You will receive a call or text when your pottery is ready for pickup. Once you have been contacted, we will only hold onto pottery for 30 days.

Get in Touch
hand painted salad plate
White-washed platter
sun design painted using pointillism on a ceramic six inch tile


You can expect your masterpiece to be ready approximately one week after you paint it. We will call you when your piece is ready to be picked up.

We recommend making a reservation if you have a party of 4 or more, as not all of our tables can accommodate larger groups. Reservations are not required though, and we always allow walk-ins, as long as the studio is not closed for a private event.

Yes. You can bring any food and drink that you wish, including alcoholic beverages for those of age.

Yes!  We use non-toxic glaze.  We recommend top shelf dishrack only.

We charge a studio fee + the price of pottery. The studio fee covers the studio time spent working on your piece, paints, use of the brushes and other supplies, and our staff’s time glazing and firing your piece. Normally our studio fee is $6 per painter, but every Tuesday, our studio fee is only $1 per painter. The other cost is the price of the pottery. This varies depending on the item you select. Our pottery ranges from $10-$100, but the average price is between $20-$35.

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