First Communion Keepsakes

One of the studio’s favorite activities is helping make hand painted keepsakes plates and chalices for First Communion and Confirmations. We work with churches and parishes in the St. Louis area, making sure everyone celebrating these milestones has a beautiful piece to remember such a time.
We offer a few options for these hand-painted pottery items. The first option is a hand traced item that is then painted. The tracing on the piece acts as a guide for the painters to follow. What is traced on the piece is chosen by the church/parish or family. The other option is more freestyle, where the painter chooses what they want on their piece to celebrate this time, and our staff of artists helps the participant make it possible, by teaching them different tools and techniques.
With either of these options, our staff can come to your facility, or you can come to us! Each painting session includes instructors, paints, pottery, other supplies, and assistance with clean up. We would love to help you make a unique piece to honor these important life events. Don’t hesitate to contact our Studio Manager, Kylie Tolentino at [email protected] for more information.