Canvas Painting

Unleash your summer Van Gogh!

Canvas painting is easy & fun, for kids or adults. Our artists have designated lots of great canvases to choose from. We use patterns and step-by-step artist led instruction to ensure complete success.

You’ll leave class with a painting you’ll be proud to hang in your home or give as a gift.

Canvas on Call

Can’t attend one of our scheduled occasions? Create your own class!

  • Get together a group of 3 or more people
  • Decide on the canvas to paint
  • Schedule a time that’s good for you and your friends!

Designed for kids 12″ x 12″ $25.00

Designed for adults¬†16″ x 20″ $35.00

Designed for 2 Painters –¬†(2) 11″ x 14″ $40.00